Tadpole Heaven

  Change is an inevitable and important part of life. When I brought live tadpoles into my classroom that was the lesson I had planned to teach. Too bad it didn’t turn out that way. These were not ordinary tadpoles – they were large, green, bullfrog tadpoles I had purchased at the local Walmart for … More Tadpole Heaven

Wonderful Summer!

By the end of the last school year, I was positive I needed to immediately make an appointment with the first psychiatrist who would see me. But as the final school bell rang and the school, as a whole, gave an audible sigh of relief, I realized — I just needed a SUMMER! As the … More Wonderful Summer!

Author Interview: Paula Rose author of “Revenge”

1.What does your writing process look like? Messy. I’m very visual so you’ll find pictures and piles of research around until a book is finished. 2.What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors? Just write. 3.What’s more important: characters or plot? As a reader and a writer I think they are both important. … More Author Interview: Paula Rose author of “Revenge”

The Puppet

Originally posted on becky's getaway:
Luisa never liked his carving. It left shavings all over the carpet and she never could get all of them out. Even when she pulled the tiny, minute particles out of the carpet she could still sense they were there taunting her even as her Mario sat there happily…

Doll House

Wouldn’t it be interesting if all of our homes were made like this dollhouse? There would be no secrets, no dark corners to hide in. Everything would be out in the open and viewed by the world. We would not be able to hide any skeletons in the closets because your neighbor could see them … More Doll House