Fear Not

In today’s day and time, when there is so little to be hopeful for.  When the news brings us a daily onslaught of bad things, political misbehavior, partisanism and the acceptance of lying, I look for things that will bring me hope. That’s why, in the morning after our coffee, when my husband puts on Pandora, we listen to Jim Brickman whose music is a combination of quiet harmonies and hymns.

When I hear those songs of my childhood, I remember growing up in those tiny churches where everyone looked to my father for the message from the Lord for that Sunday morning, or night, or Wednesday evening. Those messages, delivered in Spanish, brought so much light into the lives of the people around us and filled those small tabernacles with power so tangent you could hold it in the palm of your hand. That is the power and light of God. He brings us hope and concern for our fellow man. He is the one, despite our frailties, believes in us and the kindness we can show to one another. He spurs us on to be our greater selves despite our past indiscretions. It’s through those gentle reminders, Just as I am, Amazing Grace, Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord we can go forward and continue in our daily lives. No matter what is happening around us, knowing that He is in control and holds us in the palm of His hand can bring us that peace that goes beyond understanding.

So, my brothers and sisters, be of good cheer. He is ever present and gathers us into His arms when we feel we can’t go on.


Fear Not

A New Year and a New Road

A wonderful way to begin a new year.

Training for Eternity


I’ve got a problem. I live in the past too much.

There’s nothing wrong with turning around and looking back.  It’s like using the rearview mirror when you’re driving.  You need to look back to see what’s going on for safety reasons, just like it’s important to look back at your past to learn from your mistakes, to protect yourself from making the same blunders.

But what if you’re actually staring back, your eyes fixed or glued on all you’ve done wrong and you keep reliving your mistakes over and over again?  It can be just as detrimental as driving while fixating on the view behind you.  You’d miss your turn, swerve into a ditch, or possibly rear-end the vehicle ahead of you.  Having your eyes glued to the rearview mirror is like living in the past.  It’s a dangerous way to live.

Are you reliving some of your relationships…

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