I – Indie Publishing? Is it for me?

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You’re probably wondering why a publisher is blogging about self-publishing… Well, that’s a good question! First, we are a niche publisher, and we understand that not every book will be the right fit for us, and sometimes, the book that isn’t right might be by one of our current authors. We hate when that happens, but it does, unfortunately. And in those instances, we wish the author all the best and support them as best we can in whatever path they choose to take.

Second, we have a lot of authors with us who are hybrids–authors who choose to publish in a variety of ways as opposed to just one. We welcome and support them.

Third, we are very author friendly here, and we never want an author to sign with us just because we offered a contract. We want them to be happy ! And so we like to…

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G – God

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Today’s post is courtesy of Penelope Powell, author of A Powerful Voice (available now) and A Furrow So Deep (coming summer 2017).


G is for God.

And He is the primary reason Christian Fiction exists. In every story told, whether explicit or implied, God is ultimately the protagonist.

Implied—like in the book of Esther. The name of God isn’t mentioned. Esther is taken then selected as queen by King Ahasuerus. When the very existence of her people, the Jews, is threatened, Mordecai, her guardian, tells Esther she may have risen to her place of honor to save her people. So Esther requests a fast. When they are delivered, a feast is added to the Jewish calendar. Both the fast and the feast imply God was at the helm of these events. He heard their prayers, and delivered them. As such, they commended their deliverance with a celebration. This account points…

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