Fear Not

In today’s day and time, when there is so little to be hopeful for.  When the news brings us a daily onslaught of bad things, political misbehavior, partisanism and the acceptance of lying, I look for things that will bring me hope. That’s why, in the morning after our coffee, when my husband puts on … More Fear Not

Daily Exercise

I found this poem in some of Mother’s papers she gave me at one time or another. Daily Exercise Imagine giving me a good tight hug. Then imagine releasing me into the arm of Jesus. He’s smiling, I’m smiling, you’re smiling. Imagine this every morning It’s a good exercise.  Ramona 2015     In loving … More Daily Exercise

A Tribute to my Mother and Chispas (Sparks)

April 2015 Book signings are a big deal in the publishing world. Well-known authors often make the rounds to large bookstores as well as boutique settings and pen their names — and, perhaps, a brief inscription — to what they trust will be their next best-seller. I recently received an autographed book that will have a special place in … More A Tribute to my Mother and Chispas (Sparks)