Writer’s Weekend Resources – Reading and Writing Links

Another keeper by Jamie Lee Wallace!

Live to Write - Write to Live

Yesterday, my daughter and I spent the afternoon wandering through an open-air Halloween market in Salem, MA. There are few places where All Hallows’ Eve is more revered and celebrated than in this city where the original witch trials took place. The place was bustling with tourists from all over the country, locals who were game enough to put up with the crowds, and vendors and craftspeople who were delighted that the gorgeous weather and spooky festivities had drawn such numbers.

While there were plenty of photo opps, I somehow managed to come home with only a few snapshots of costumed dogs. Yep, leave it to me. I’m in a city filled with historic sites, professionally costumed characters, and dozens of street performers, and the only pictures I take are of cute canines in ridiculous get ups.

Anyway … I thought they might inspire some story ideas (or, at least…

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