Five Ways to Write a Memoir Without Being Disowned

Linda is a natural in this genre! I look forward to reading all of her memoires.

Anaiah Press

The following is a featured guest blog by our author Linda Brendle. We loved the truth and honesty she poured into this blog post, as well as the glimpse behind the curtains of publishing, so we wanted to share it with our readers. You can read other equally enjoyable posts on her blog, Life After Caregiving. To read more about her upcoming memoir, please visit her dedicated page on our website.
A Long and Winding Road


By Linda Brendle

Anaiah Press posted the first chapter of my memoir on their blog earlier this week. I got some nice feedback and also some interesting questions. Here are two of the more interesting questions:

How did you find the courage to write a memoir? … My family would have me excommunicated!

Did you share details with your family while you were writing the book?

I fired off…

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Discarded Items, Various Dates 2018

Great ideas for stories!

Raised by Wolves

Various discarded items I’ve encountered while out walking, between January and March of 2018. To qualify as a discarded item they have to be unattended in a place they clearly don’t belong, with no one anywhere around who could own the item. These are photographed exactly as found, as I am honor bound to not disturb discarded items found in the wild. Date and location are listed before each item.

26 January 2018, Jackson Street, Atlanta, GA.

15 February 2018, Medlock Park, Decatur, GA.

16 February 2018, Medlock Park, Decatur, GA.

18 February 2018, South Peachtree Creek PATH, Atlanta, GA.

21 February 2018, Medlock Park, Decatur, GA.

22 February 2018, Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, GA.

1 March 2018, Medlock Park, Decatur, GA.

1 March 2018, Mason Mill Park, Atlanta, GA.

2 March 2018, Mason Mill Park, Atlanta, GA. The fate of most discarded items.

2 March 2018, Medlock Park, Decatur, GA.

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A New Year and a New Road

A wonderful way to begin a new year.

Training for Eternity


I’ve got a problem. I live in the past too much.

There’s nothing wrong with turning around and looking back.  It’s like using the rearview mirror when you’re driving.  You need to look back to see what’s going on for safety reasons, just like it’s important to look back at your past to learn from your mistakes, to protect yourself from making the same blunders.

But what if you’re actually staring back, your eyes fixed or glued on all you’ve done wrong and you keep reliving your mistakes over and over again?  It can be just as detrimental as driving while fixating on the view behind you.  You’d miss your turn, swerve into a ditch, or possibly rear-end the vehicle ahead of you.  Having your eyes glued to the rearview mirror is like living in the past.  It’s a dangerous way to live.

Are you reliving some of your relationships…

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A Tribute to my Mother and Chispas (Sparks)

becky's getaway


April 2015

ChispasBook signings are a big deal in the publishing world. Well-known authors often make the rounds to large bookstores as well as boutique settings and pen their names — and, perhaps, a brief inscription — to what they trust will be their next best-seller.
I recently received an autographed book that will have a special place in my library for years to come. The writer won’t appear on a New York Times list. The book can’t be purchased online or at a local store. And even though there is no tag on the back, I’m not sure there’s a way to set a price anyhow.
Chispas! (Spanish for sparks) is a collection of poems from Ramona Enriquez, who is one of our Mission:Dignity recipients. She has been writing for a long time and this compilation has an assortment of her musings over the past three decades. In order to preserve what Ramona…

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I – Indie Publishing? Is it for me?

Anaiah Press

You’re probably wondering why a publisher is blogging about self-publishing… Well, that’s a good question! First, we are a niche publisher, and we understand that not every book will be the right fit for us, and sometimes, the book that isn’t right might be by one of our current authors. We hate when that happens, but it does, unfortunately. And in those instances, we wish the author all the best and support them as best we can in whatever path they choose to take.

Second, we have a lot of authors with us who are hybrids–authors who choose to publish in a variety of ways as opposed to just one. We welcome and support them.

Third, we are very author friendly here, and we never want an author to sign with us just because we offered a contract. We want them to be happy ! And so we like to…

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G – God

Anaiah Press

Today’s post is courtesy of Penelope Powell, author of A Powerful Voice (available now) and A Furrow So Deep (coming summer 2017).


G is for God.

And He is the primary reason Christian Fiction exists. In every story told, whether explicit or implied, God is ultimately the protagonist.

Implied—like in the book of Esther. The name of God isn’t mentioned. Esther is taken then selected as queen by King Ahasuerus. When the very existence of her people, the Jews, is threatened, Mordecai, her guardian, tells Esther she may have risen to her place of honor to save her people. So Esther requests a fast. When they are delivered, a feast is added to the Jewish calendar. Both the fast and the feast imply God was at the helm of these events. He heard their prayers, and delivered them. As such, they commended their deliverance with a celebration. This account points…

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