Doll House

Doll House

Wouldn’t it be interesting if all of our homes were made like this dollhouse? There would be no secrets, no dark corners to hide in. Everything would be out in the open and viewed by the world. We would not be able to hide any skeletons in the closets because your neighbor could see them as clear as white clouds in a bright summer sky.

Of course, you could see your neighbor’s as well. You would have a front row seat to all of their sufferings, all of their pain as they would yours.

That wouldn’t be such a bad idea would it? Then we couldn’t hide behind our fine “facades” because there would be nothing we could hide. Then, we would all be the same, frail, disfunctional, struggling human beings who are just trying valiantly to have a happy life and to make one for our families.

We often fail at this, but still we persevere. After all, since everyone knows everything we’ve hidden away for so long, it doesn’t really matter does it? We’re all the same inside. Vulnerable.



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