Antiques Roadshow – Fort Worth, Texas

I have always been a big fan of the Antiques Roadshow.  It began when I saw a teacher with limited finances like myself buy a table from a garage sale for $25.00 (all she had at the time). Later, this same table was auctioned off for more than $400,000.  By the way, that’s also when I fell in love with the Keno brothers whose hearts went “pitty-pat” over this odd shaped little “diminutive” table.  Now that’s an incredible story.

Ever since then I’ve been hooked.  It is exciting to share the joy of people who find out more information about their belongings.

When I was offered tickets to attend the Roadshow in Ft Worth, I jumped at the cantiques-roadshowhance. The first thing I did was call my sister to find out if she would like to go as well. When she agreed, I grabbed those tickets with both hands and feet! By the time the tickets arrived in the mail, my sister had opted out and my husband had opted in.  Bless his heart ❤

I was nervous about going and facing the throngs of people that I normally see on the weekly television show on KERA. However, as crowded as the Convention Center was, I was pleasantly surprised how smoothly the friendly volunteers in blue shirts moved us from place to place.

I especially enjoyed talking to the other fans in line who were more than happy to share their items as well as their stories.  My husband and I waited patiently in line to enter the holy of holies and were directed to the right areas for our appraisals.  I had a picture and a small watch for them to check out.  So, we split up.  He took the picture (the longer line), and I took my watch.

The items I took were a small  pendant watch that I bought at an antique store for a few dollars and a Balloon Man picture.  When I asked for an appraisal on the watch, I had the appraisers stumped.  There were no markings on it and even though they could tell it was gold, they had no idea about the watch itself.  I just wish they had filmed me so I could show what happens when appraisers just plain don’t know.

Anyway, I finished quickly and joined my husband in the picture line that was long and moving slowly.  However, as we neared the appraisal tables, I saw one Nicolas Lowry whom I had often seen on the Roadshow dressed in a bright suits that seem to be his trademark.  He always stood out.  When he motioned for me to come forward, I felt giddy.  He gave me as much information as he could on the picture (a mass production by the way) and sent me on my way.

Well, we didn’t leave with any surprises, but the event was fascinating and exciting and we had a wonderful time. FYI the Ft Worth installment of the Antique Roadshow will aired the next three Monday nights beginning with 1/2/17. See you there!



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