Remembering Dave’s Vision or Don’t forget to VOTE

Since November of 2016 and especially in the last few days. I have been having such misgivings about what is happening in Washington. Not that I have ever lived there, no, but since this last election, I have been totally drawn into the chaos that has become the mainstay of this administration.  All this is … More Remembering Dave’s Vision or Don’t forget to VOTE

Mom’s Desk

I said I didn’t want the desk. Didn’t need it as a reminder of all the chaos of growing up as a child. We’d moved so often, left so much behind; friends, family, an old piano that mother loved. As we went through mother’s apartment, sorting this, that, and the other, it called to me. … More Mom’s Desk

What is a Mother?

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a mother is: a: a female parent b (1):  a woman in authority b (2): an old or elderly woman I don’t dispute any of these definitions.  In fact, my own identity applies to all three of these.  However, these also apply to my sisters Audry Balli and Donna Tarlton.  All … More What is a Mother?