The Letters

Attic memories

The bundle of letters lay in Jessica’s hand as she sat in front of the old trunk that had belonged to her grandmother.  The letters were filled with poetry and utterings of great love.  They were romantic and beautiful and filled Jessica’s heart with the passion of the young woman she once was.  But where had that handsome lover gone?  Where was the sweet way he used to touch her hair and caress her cheek?  “I’ll love you till the day I die,” he would say as he held her close.

She sighed and felt the aged brown paper crinkle between her fingertips.  “Where are you Jessie girl?” Samuel called as he struggled up each wooden step to reach her lofty perch in the attic.

When he walked through the door she recognized him, the handsome young man who had written the letters so long ago promising to love her till the day he died.

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