Wonderful Summer!


By the end of the last school year, I was positive I needed to immediately make an appointment with the first psychiatrist who would see me. But as the final school bell rang and the school, as a whole, gave an audible sigh of relief, I realized — I just needed a SUMMER!

As the final tiny faces rushed out the door with “See ‘ya teacher!” one hearty soul dared to stop in the throes of the stampede and asked, “Will you be here next year?”

My first response after a difficult semester was a loud and resounding “No!” But I squelched it, smiled serenely and answered, “Lord willing'”. Oh, how I needed this summer!

And it came, cautiously at first like the first tenacious drops from a 5:00 A.M. coffee pot. I tried to settle in and found myself with excess energy that forced me to actually putter around the house (horror of horrors!) What’s wrong here? Where are those lesson plans I need to do?

Then gradually it began to seep in through the pores of my skin infiltrating the grey matter between my ears. I was off — for the whole summer!

Some people feel its unfair for teachers to have this luxury (including my sister and brother-in-law). Little do they know that I, like many teachers, have  spread out my annual income just for this reason – blessed summer — when I can sit back with a cup of coffee (still steaming, imagine that!) and watch Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore ‘sin interrupción’ or guilt and am able to read a book cover to cover in a matter of days instead of months.

But too soon this lovely sabbatical ends. It creeps in through the pages of the Target flyer (or “Tar-jay” as it’s known in all the chic classrooms) stuck in the pages of the Sunday paper innocently advertising Crayola markers for $1.00.

My heart leaps, my breath quickens. A sale on school supplies! And it hits me, my school fix is needed. I find myself evaluating my wardrobe for another year of hard labor, scanning my shoes for the needed tread it will take to walk the “hallowed halls of education”. I also find myself watching shows on teaching methods and surfing the web for new sites with updated lesson plan ideas.

“You still have three weeks off!” my husband announces.

I ignore him blissfully and answer, “Did you know that Target has pocket and prong folders on twelve for a dollar?”



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