Saying Goodbye to Downton Abbey

This love affair began when I went on a cruise to Alaska. On the days we were at sea, we were limited (television wise) to what was available through the ship’s programming.  Even though it was vast, the little item that held my attention was Downton Abbey. When this program was airing, I was still in the classroom, and Sunday’s always turned out to be my busiest day for preparation for the next week.  So, I missed episodes and ended up dropping it.

On this cruise, I was able to watch it from the very beginning and, once again, I fell in love with Downton Abbey. When we returned to our hot, Texas homestead, I purchased DVDs one season at a time until I had all six seasons and devoured them voraciously until the very end. 

This afternoon I finished the last episode, and now I am in mourning. I was not ready to release these people to lead their own lives. I wanted and needed more. However, the “cupboard was bare” so I turned to Google for solace. What else could possibly take the place of this magnificent, historical series?

Low and behold, a miracle occurred. A Downton Abbey movie is in the works. According to a September 2017 article in the Sun, the planning of the movie has been greenlit. Halleluiah, the angels have smiled down on this Texas girl whose heart lives in the United Kingdom!