Disapointing the Fireflies



Here in Texas summer is just around the corner and the fireflies are out again. My backyard has become my haven for soft breezes and twinkling courtship dances.

Before all this activity began, I had purchased solar lamps from Walmart ($3.57 – a REAL bargain) and placed them at strategic points in the yard.

In fact, the last one I bought was a tiny angel with translucent wings that sits precariously on a low branch of a tree in my backyard. This particular tree has been here for over thirty years and what began as a large weed has grown into a beautiful large bonsai that only the Lord could have created.

Last night, as I sat watching the solar lamps change their hues from yellow to green to amber, I noticed something unusual.  Every time the angel twinkled a tiny firefly lighted as well on one of the angel’s wings. I thought it had become entangled in the feathery plastic but found it was just flirting.

Sorry little firefly.  I didn’t mean to disappoint you.



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