Notification Schmotification

Author Sarah Rosinski


Are we allowing the opinions of others to dictate our joy and self-worth as writers?

Let’s be honest. The past few days weren’t about accomplishing your next writing goal. Perhaps you checked in on your Wattpad story (probably more than once) to see if anyone’s given you the time of day. You may have received a vote or two, and even a comment if you’re really lucky, but overall, the week was pretty unsuccessful for you as a writer.

It’s those little red notification dots that are to blame. They’re addictive, and the gnawing desire to see them drives us to pursue more and more, checking our feeds over and over. We wait for web pages to load with hopeful expectation that our eyes will light up with dots and number-counts, but instead we have nothing, or very little, to signal that others appreciate our work. Our hearts shrivel with…

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