Climbing Publication’s Everest

Wonderful advice for writers!

Author Sarah Rosinski

mount-everest-413_960_720The frustration is real, and it isn’t going away. Not until it goes away.

Sometimes when discussing my path to publication with other humans, I get irritable. Okay, irritability is a personality trait I need to overcome, but generally I can stuff it way down inside where it only peers out from beneath my smile when something really grinds me down.

It’s not people asking about what’s happening that makes me irritable, it’s that I have nothing exciting to tell them.

When I finished my first novel, I was blissfully unaware of the true magnitude of the monster called publication. I investigated my options.

  1. Keep the novel hidden away on my P.C.
  2. Self-publish through Amazon.
  3. Climb Mount Everest: AKA, Traditional publishing.

I chose option three, and I’ve actually made it to Base Camp. This is the place where you acclimate to the idea of becoming a published author and have acquired an agent… 

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