Kitty in charge | by Linda Brendle

Life After Caregiving

Published in the Rains County Leader on March 15, 2016:

Kitty in chargeKitty has spent most of the week reestablishing her dominance of the Brendle household. Several weeks ago, while we were still house sitting, I mentioned that she was in the metaphorical dog house after using her claws on the passenger door of our Pontiac. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of her mischief. One day when she was particularly bored, she amused herself by clawing the weather stripping on the doorway from the garage into the house and chewing on the corners of a small wooden bench. I later found out that the chewed corners were Spike’s work, Spike being the resident canine, but she left enough of a mark to require drastic measures to prevent more damage.

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