Christmas Sacks – A Beloved Tradition


Christmas Sacks – A Beloved Tradition

When I was growing up in McKinney, Texas our family always pitched in around Christmas time and made Christmas sacks for the children in our church.  Each sack held one apple, one orange, nuts and some kind of hard candy.  I knew how much these sacks meant to the migrant children who received them and I knew what a blessing it was to my family to prepare those Christmas sacks. What I didn’t know until just the other day that the money for these sacks came out of my father’s meager salary as a pastor of a small mission.  All those years that we had so little under the tree were because of my parents sacrificing their own money.

I grew up caring.  I grew up thankful.  I also grew up knowing how important it was to help others in their time of need.  So thankfully the Lord sent me a man who was just as giving as I was.  Through the years the Lord has blessed time and time again because of the help we have given to others.  

And to think, it all began with the Christmas sacks that were lovingly and painstakingly put together all the years ago.  I can still smell the fresh apples and the tangy scent of oranges.  I can still feel the sticky candy in my hands and see the happiness and gratitude in the children’s eyes.  Worth every penny and every second.


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