Presenting at the Discovery Faire with Gianna the Great

Discovery Faire

No matter where I go, I tend to look at things through the eyes of the children who are milling around me.  What would I think if I were in their shoes?

On Saturday, June 20th, Gianna Saldaña and I went to the Discovery Faire at the Dallas Public Library in Downtown Dallas where something interesting was taking place on each and every floor.  We took two quilts, an old patchwork one that had belonged to my son Gabriel and a family tree quilt that had been sewn together by the mother of my daughter-in-law Priscilla.

I took the patchwork to introduce a familiar patchwork quilt and the family tree quilt to introduce the concept of genealogy. You see, I was stationed right outside the Genealogy Department at the downtown library.

The first time I visited the 8th floor of the library where the Genealogy Department is housed, my jaw literally fell open.  I could not believe all the resources that are there for anyone to use.  There are maps, books, microfilm records, and computers. is free to anyone who wants to go in and use it as well as Fold3.  After paying for these service for so many years I was shocked to see them offered free of charge.

So it was my pleasure to introduce all the excited young (and old) minds to genealogy, their own primarily, and encouraged them to use the records in the Genealogy Department.

As I said before, I look at things through the eyes of a child and the eyes I used yesterday were Gianna’sillustration of a girl thinking and dreaming on white because she was able to see the potential of her future journeys as a young genealogist.

Thank you Dallas Public Library and Gayla Bush for giving me the chance to share what I know about the treasure hunting aspect of searching for family history.  I hope this Disccover Faire will the first of many to come.  As many parents asked, “Will you be doing this again?”  I smiled and gave them the only answer I know at this time, “We’ll see”.


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