The Songwriter


Once upon a time, many years ago in the city of Dallas, Texas, there lived a young man who was a meat cutter in a Safeway warehouse.  He worked diligently to care for his wife and growing family.

Every Sunday he, his wife, and two small sons attended church.  The wife was fine with this, but the two rambunctious sons were not doing well with sitting through long church services.  So the young man went to the pastor and said, “The church needs a place for the children to go during the services.”

The pastor smiled wisely and said, “Good idea, why don’t you start a Children’s Church?”

Therefore, with the Lord’s help, Children’s Church was born.  Out of these wonderful Sundays, a storyteller emerged and on top of that a songwriter.

This storyteller found he loved teaching children so much, he became a teacher.  This took many long years and lots of work, but he did this joyfully knowing he would be a great teacher with the Lord’s help.

As a teacher, he found his songwriting came to fruition as well.  Every Christmas he would write beautiful parodies of Christmas songs using familiar tunes set to new words that epitomized the plight of teachers everywhere.

Through the years, his songs have brought so much joy to the teachers giving them a chance to laugh at sometimes difficult problems and return to school refreshed for the coming semester.  The songwriter is now a master teacher who pulls colleagues into his caroling groups and provides that much-needed flood of joy.

Then, with the help of The Master Troubadour who gave him his songs and freely sharing his gift with others, Mr. V. helped everyone in school land live happily ever after.  Even if it was just for a little while.

The End


One thought on “The Songwriter

  1. This great songwriter was one of my inspiration to pursue a life in education. Love to call him my uncle. I am blessed to have both of these inspiring people in my life.


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