Snake Holes

Snake Holes Cover 1 jpeg

I am very excited to announce the publication of my first book Snake Holes making its debut on Smashwords.  Check out the website for this story and many, many more!


2 thoughts on “Snake Holes

  1. As a teacher, I have found how books can and do heal. I applaud your efforts to share those particular books. Because of that, I would like to send you a copy of my book “just for the heck of it”.

    Becky Villareal has given you a gift of the ebook “Snake Holes” by Becky Villareal on Smashwords! To pick up your gift, please click the following link, or copy it and paste it into your web browser:

    If you already have an account on (we’ll prompt you to log in, if necessary) you’ll have instant access to this book. If you don’t have an account on Smashwords, you will be asked to create one — don’t worry, it’s easy and free!

    We hope you enjoy your gift!
    The Smashwords Team


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